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Weight, Diet, Exercise & Sleep

Holly Health

Okehampton Medical Centre has partnered with Holly Health. This gives you 6 months of free, habit-change coaching (to help with sleep, exercise, eating and mental wellbeing).

The app can help you to feel physically and mentally better and find new energy and motivation. We have included a link to this app on our 'self-help apps' page, or you can click the image below to open the Holly Health website signup page.

Holly Health - sign up here!


Sleepstation is a clinically validated sleep improvement programme that's free to access for NHS patients in this area. Their expert sleep team provide personalised guidance and one-to-one support. Most people see positive changes in their sleep within 3-4 weeks.

Their team of sleep coaches, doctors and sleep experts will help you understand what's causing your sleep problems and give you all the support you need to feel and get better. Click here to self-refer to the Sleepstation programme.

Exercise on Prescription

Exercise has been found to help with various clinical conditions. Your doctor may refer you for an exercise programme which is tailor-made for you by one of the fitness instructors at Parklands Leisure Centre. There is a fee which is at a reduced rate.

Please see below for a list of other useful links and resources. Also please visit our self-help apps page to download helpful & relevant apps.