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Okehampton Food and Wellbeing Projects - Organisations, Updates and Calendar

The Harvest Workers' Co-op aims to support a proactive, sustainable and resilient food culture that reaches all parts of our town. Their page is a starting point for curating information about what opportunities the town has.

Oke Community Fridge at The Ockment Centre makes surplus food from homes and businesses available to all for free so that good food gets eaten and not wasted! If you find you have spare food Ė perhaps left over after a party, if you have grown too much on the allotment, or if you are going away and not going to eat something in time, then please consider bringing it down to the Community Fridge to share it with others. The fridge is open when the Community Centre is open which is generally from 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday. The image below explains exactly what the fridge can and canít accept.

Oke Community Fridge - foods accepted

Please see below for a list of useful links to local community groups: