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How do I ...

Cancel an appointment?

There are many ways in which you can cancel an appointment: 

- Via text message. If you have provided us with a mobile number you will receive a text reminder for your appointment which includes information on how to cancel your appointment.

- You can contact one of our Patient Services Advisor on 01837 52233 who would be happy to cancel & rearrange the appointment for you. 

- You can use our automated telephone appointment system by ringing 01837 52233, ext 6. 

- Log into your Patient Access account and cancel appointments on there. 

- You can now also use Klinik to cancel appointments.

Change my details?

To change your name or address, you will need to fill in the change of name/address form and bring this to the surgery along with proof of ID & evidence of the name change if applicable. 

You can also use the above form to change your phone number or email. 

You can now also use Klinik to update us on changes to your details. This includes changes to your address, contact number and email address. You can also submit changes regarding your weight, blood pressure and smoking and alcohol status through there. Patients will be asked to provide ID.

Get my blood test results?

If your blood test was requested by a clinician here at the Medical Centre, then you can view/find out your test results by: 

- Using Klinik and selecting the 'test results' option

- Logging in to your Patient Access account

- Opening the NHS app

- Contacting our Patient Service Advisor on 01837 52233, ext 2

Please note that with Patient Access & the NHS app you will have needed to or request access to your detailed coded record. For more info on how to do this visit our Patient Access page

Give feedback/make a complaint?

You can read more about how to submit feedback/complaints by visiting our webpage Have Your Say.

You can also use Klinik to send compliments/complaints or give feedback.

Join Patient Access?

Visit our Patient Access page to find out more.

Make an appointment?

There are multiple ways in which you can make an appointment: 

- by filling in and submitting a request via Klinik

- Speaking with one of our Patient Services Advisors on 01837 52233 

- Using our automated telephone appointment booking system 

- Using our online appointment booking system 

For more information on how to access/use any of the above, please visit our Appointments page

Order a prescription?

For a new prescription this will need to be cleared by a clinician. You will need to fill in a request via Klinik or contact the surgery for this.

To order a repeat prescription, visit our Order a Prescription page.

Register at the Practice?

To register at the practice, or for more info, visit our Register with Us page.

Request a sick note?

You can request a sick note by using Klinik and selecting the 'sick/fit notes' option or by contacting the Patient Service Advisors on 01837 52233, ext 2.

For more info on sick notes, visit our Patient Information page.

See the progress of my referral?

If you have received a letter from the e-referral service with your booking reference number & Access Code, then you can see your referral progress and direct contact number for the department you have been referred to via the NHS - Manage your Referral.

You should always try and contact the organisation/department you have been referred to first. If they have no record of your referral, then please contact the Medical Secretaries on 01837 52233.

Visit our Patient Information page for more information.