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Patient Information

If you need to collect a document from the Medical Centre then you will need to bring along some form of ID with you. If you intend for someone else to collect on your behalf, you will need to let us know and they will also need to bring some form of ID with them when collecting.

Sick/Fit Note Requests

Self Certification Sick/Fit note - for less than 7 days 

If you have been ill for 7 days or less you do not need a sick/fit note from your GP. You can complete a Self Certification Form yourself. 

Your employer may have their own self-certification form for you to fill in. If not, then you can download the Self Certification Form (pdf) or collect a form from us here at the surgery. Fill in the form and hand it to your employer. 

Doctor's Sick/Fit note - for more than 7 days 

If you have been ill for more than 7 days you will need a doctor's certificate. The best way for you to request this is through SystmConnect. Alternatively, you can call one of our Patient Service Advisors on 01837 52233, option 3.

Your GP may want to call or see you before they can issue you your sick note. 

If you have already been seen by a GP or clinician about this illness, your certificate will be sent to you unless otherwise stated. 

Extension of Sick/Fit Note 

If you already have a sick/fit note for an illness and you feel like you need more time, then you can request an extension by filling out a 'continuation sick note request' via SystmConnect or by downloading and filling out the sick/fit note extension request form and handing this into reception.

Your GP may want to call or see you before they can issue an extension. 

One of our Patient Service Advisors will be in contact with you to let you know when your sick note has been completed. We will send this out in the post for you unless you request to collect it. 

GP health records for un-registered or deceased individuals

NHS England is only the data controller for GP health records where an individual is currently not registered with a GP or is deceased. These records are held by Primary Care Support England (PCSE) on behalf of NHS England. To request access to GP health records in these circumstances, please visit the PCSE website.

Please follow this link to read information on the access to the health and care records of deceased individuals

Prescription Charge Exemptions

If you are eligible for free prescriptions you can obtain a FP92A form from our Dispensary to apply for a medical exemption certificate.

Your GP will sign the form to confirm that your statement is correct and then will send this off for you. 

Click here to check that you're eligible for free prescriptions

You can find more information on the NHS 'Who can get free prescriptions?' page.

Firearms License Application

You can access and download your application forms via the GOV website

Once you have filled out your application form you will need to bring this into the surgery along with £50 for the GP to go through and sign. We will then send this off for you via email. If you would like your paperwork back, please let us know. 

DVLA Checks

We no longer do these here at the Medical Centre. If you are needing a HGV, LGV, or taxi medical then please visit Drivers Medicals, or call them on 01454 317436.


Requesting a referral 

If you are wanting to request a referral, you will need to speak with/see one of our clinicians. To make an appointment, please visit our Appointments page. 

Tracking a referral 

If your referral was made via the NHS e-Referral service, you would have received a letter with details of your referral (Reference number & Access Code). To track your e-Referral, you can log into the e-Referral website or you can ring the Devon Referral Support Service (DRSS) on 01626 883888.

If your referral was made to our local hospital, then you can ring the RD&E booking office on 01392 406921.

If your referral was private then you would need to contact the organisation/hospital you chose for your referral to be sent to. 

Why does my GP charge a fee for medical reports and letters?

The practice has a primary duty to provide services for the management of patients who are ill. Writing letters and reports (i.e. for insurance providers, adoption and fostering, driving (DVLA), housing and benefit appeals, schools, health clubs and employers) all fall outside of the NHS GP contract. When medical reports are provided, they are a private service and as such, have to be completed in the GP's own time outside of their paid NHS working hours. These services incur a fee and we set our fees with reference to the British Medical Association (BMA) guidance on private fees. 

When GPs agree to complete a form, they have to prioritise their NHS work, and therefore there may be some delay in getting these done. Please give as much time as possible to do this and do not submit a form requiring a signature for an event that is happening within a few days.

Summary Care Records

Summary Care Records help health and care staff make better decisions about your care and treatment. If you are registered with a GP practice in England, your SCR is created automatically unless you have opted out. 98% of practices are now using the system. 

This contains important information about your health, such as:

  • Medicines you take
  • Allergies you have
  • Medicines that make you ill

You might need to see a doctor or nurse who does not know you. If they do not know about your care, your SCR:

  • could stop them making a mistake, because they can see your medicines, allergies, and what medicines make you ill
  • will help them see your information straight away on a computer

Doctors and nurses treating you will ask if they can look at your SCR to help them treat you quickly and safely.

You can opt-out of having a Summary Care Record altogether. This means that you do not want any information shared with other authorised, registered and regulated health and care professionals involved in your direct care, including in an emergency.

To make these changes, please complete the SCR Patient Consent Preferences Form (pdf) and return it to us. 

Alternatively, if there is specific information you donít want added, please let us know.