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Posted: 14th May 2024

We are now using our new online triage system, SystmConnect.

We hope that you will find it easier to use and we welcome your feedback.

If you are experiencing any issues or difficulties with SystmConnect, please email our Management Partner via

Unfortunately, Patient Access is not compatible with our new clinical system. The NHS app is the best method for online access, although there are other alternatives.

We understand that if you have registered for the NHS app using the 'Prove Your Identity' (PYI) online process (the one where you take a picture of your ID and take a video of yourself), this will still work when you log in.

However, if you registered using a linkage key from the practice, the linkage will break and you should be offered the opportunity to 'Prove Your Identity' online. However, you may need us to reset your link or generate new login details for you. These can be requested via SystmConnect, by selecting the "other admin request" option. You do not need to log in to the NHS app to use SystmConnect.

We would like to thank everyone for their support and patience, and we hope that you can continue to bear with us whilst we become accustomed to the new systems.

Okehampton Medical Centre

Click here to submit a form via SystmConnect

Would you like to play an important part in training future clinicians?

At Okehampton Medical Centre, we host various clinical students throughout the year. These include GP Trainees, Years 1-5 Medical Students, Student Nurses and Paramedic Students.

Part of their training may be observing clinics, assisting in clinics, or they may have their own clinics. Initially they will speak with you to take a brief medical history and consider your current ailment, all of which will be discussed with a qualified clinician.

If you are happy to discuss your medical history and any relevant symptoms with our students during their placement, please ask the Patient Service Advisors on the reception desk to register your details, so that we can contact you to arrange a suitable time for a chat/appointment.

We know how important patient care is, and by registering today, you can be part of developing the next generation of clinicians!

MMR Vaccines

The MMR vaccine is a safe and effective combined vaccine, it protects against 3 serious illnesses (Measles, Mumps and Rubella).

These highly infectious conditions can easily spread between unvaccinated people.

Getting vaccinated is important, as these conditions can also lead to serious problems including Meningitis, hearing loss and problems during pregnancy.

You need two doses of MMR vaccine to protect you, it's never too late to have your MMR!

Search for 'MMR vaccine' on the NHS website to read further information.

Click here to book a vaccination appointment at Okehampton Medical Centre via Klinik (please select the 'Nurse/HCA appointment requests' tile)

North Dartmoor Mental Wellbeing Drop In

Every Saturday, from 10am-12pm, there is now a Mental Wellbeing Drop-In at Okehampton Medical Centre. We are aware that some people find weekends difficult for their mental health, so the new Drop-In will be held every Saturday morning.

There will always be a warm welcome, someone to talk to, and a cuppa for anyone who wants to come.

Okehampton Memory Café

Tuesdays 1-3pm
at the Pavilion in the Park

The Memory Café will hold specific activities to help with memory problems, which will also include some physical activities. However, organisers are also aiming to hold more social activities, such as offering the chance to bake cakes.

For more information, please contact:
Ian 01837 54546 /
or Vicky 079336 63796 /

PATIENT NOTICE: Please ensure you leave at least 72 hours for us to process your prescription

Thank you, Okehampton Medical Centre.

Contact Details

It is important that we have up-to-date contact details for you, so we can let you know about screenings, vaccinations and appointment reminders.

If you have changed your mobile number or email address recently, you can add it to your NHS record by following the guidance about managing your NHS account.

You may also receive a text or email from the NHS asking you to do this.

Click here to read the guidance on managing your NHS account

Information Update - Blood Tests

*Please do not book or request blood tests unless you have been specifically advised to do so by a GP or another clinician at the practice.

*HCA’s and phlebotomists cannot request any bloods without prior clinical assessment.

Thank you