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Our Services

Minor Injuries Unit


We run a Minor Injuries Unit from the surgery which is open Monday - Friday 8.15am - 6.00pm. For weekend minor injuries services please call NHS 111.

Minor Injuries can treat:

  • sprains and strains
  • wound infections
  • minor burns and scalds
  • minor head injuries
  • insect and animal bites
  • minor eye injuries
  • injuries to the back, shoulder and chest

Minor Injuries cannot treat:

  • chest pain
  • breathing difficulties
  • major injuries
  • problems usually dealt with by a GP
  • stomach pains
  • gynaecological problems
  • pregnancy problems
  • allergic reactions
  • overdoses
  • alcohol related problems
  • mental health problems
  • conditions likely to require hospital admission

Asthma & Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

This clinic is run by our specialist respiratory nurses who are qualified to perform diagnostic spirometry. They aim to see all patients with asthma or COPD to monitor their treatment, inhaler techniques and help with understanding of the control of lung problems.

Blood Tests

These are available with a phlebotomist following consultation with your doctor.

Cervical Cytology (Smear Test) & Breast Screening

These should be performed at regular intervals. You will be notified when your smear is due. Women aged between the ages of 50 and 65 are offered mammograms (breast x-rays) as part of the National Screening Programme and will be sent these appointments.

Chaplaincy Service

If you are experiencing significant loss or dramatic change it may be that you would appreciate support in coming to terms with your new circumstances or it may just be that you want to talk to someone about matters of faith. The Chaplain to the Medical Centre is the Rev’d Stephen Cook. Stephen will see you in the Medical Centre. Your doctor or nurse may have suggested you speak to him, or you can self-refer. Appointments are for 45 minutes. The chaplain will not have access to your medical records and is not medically trained. To contact Stephen directly please email: scook9673@aol.com or call 01837 659297

Childhood Immunisation

All the nationally recommended childhood immunisations are available and are given by our practice nurse.

Child Health Surveillance

All babies will be checked at 6 weeks of age a doctor and after that they will be offered regular checks by their Health Visitor.


All patients with diabetes are invited to attend our Diabetic Clinic run by our specialist nurses who monitor the condition and advise on medication, diet, blood sugar control and preventing long term complications.

Emergency contraception

The ‘morning after pill’ is available and can in fact be taken up to 72 hours after unprotected intercourse. However, it is better to be seen as soon as possible. Please ask the receptionist for an appointment within this time. This request will be treated with the upmost confidentiality.

Exercise on Prescription

Exercise has been found to help with various clinical conditions. Your doctor may refer you for an exercise programme which is tailor made for you by one of the fitness instructors at Parklands Leisure Centre. There is a fee which is at a reduce rate.

Family Planning & Contraception

All the doctors and nurses are trained to give a comprehensive and confidential contraceptive service.

Fit note requests

Requests for fit notes now need to be made via eConsults on our website or by completing a fit note request form available from reception. We will no longer be accepting fit note requests over the phone.

Heart Disease & High Blood Pressure

Our nurses offer clinics for the monitoring of high blood pressure and cholesterol. We have blood pressure monitors available for home monitoring. There is also a blood pressure monitor in the waiting room. You may use the blood pressure monitor prior to seeing the doctor or nurse and take the slip into your appointment with you.

Learning Disability Health Checks

We provide an annual health check for those with learning disabilities, either in surgery or at the patient's home.

Minor Illness Clinic

Our trained Prescribing Nurses run clinics every day for conditions such as rashes, insect bites, sore throats and minor infections.

Minor Surgery

Some of our doctors are qualified to do minor surgical procedures and they will make arrangements with you for these procedures following consultation in surgery.

NHS Health Checks

NHS Health Checks are offered to people aged between 40 and 74 once every 5 years. The check is to assess your risk of developing heart disease, stroke, kidney disease or diabetes. If there are any warning signs, then together we can do something about it. Following the check, you will receive free personalised advice about what you can do to stay healthy.

Non NHS Services and Requests for Doctor's Signatures

Some services are not covered by the NHS. These include insurance medicals, driving medicals, sport examinations, some travel vaccinations and forms that require a doctors signature to sign off a person as fit to do certain activities.

When they do agree to complete a form, they have to fit it in with their NHS work, which will take priority, and there may be some delay in getting these done. Please give as much time as possible to do this and do not submit a form requiring a signature for an event that is happening within a few days. These forms will attract a fee even if the event is for charity. All fees are charged in line with BMA guidelines. Please ask at reception for details. 

Guidance taken from BMA as to why GPs sometimes need to charge fees.


We are affiliated to the National Institute for Health Research Clinical Research Network South West Peninsular at Level 1. You may be offered an opportunity to participate in research studies to help improve patient care.

Travel Vaccinations

We advise all travellers to contact  the Medical Advisory Service for Travellers Abroad prior making an appointment with the nurse in the Travel Clinic who can administer the vaccinations that the MASTA have recommended. The nurse can also offer general advice for travellers. Please give yourself plenty of time (at least 6 weeks) to have them before you go.

 Antimalarial tablets are not available on NHS prescription but can be purchased over the counter from the chemist or at the dispensary. MASTA or the nurse will advise which regime you will need. A charge is payable for some vaccinations.


If you have never had a tetanus injection, it may be necessary to have a course but the nurses can advise you on this.

Influenza vaccine is available each winter for people over the age of 65 , those under the age of 65 with a history of chest, heart, kidney, liver or diabetic problems, carers, pregnant women, health care workers and some children are eligible for the flu vaccination at the practice.

Other vaccinations are available in line with Public Health guidance. You will be invited if you are eligible for these vaccinations.

If you are not sure whether to have these vaccinations, please discuss it with your doctor or one of the practice nurses.

Wellbeing Coordinator

The practice has access to a Wellbeing Coordinator who can assist with social prescribing. The Wellbeing Coordinator can signpost patients to services within the community to support them with non medical problems. Please speak to your GP or nurse if you feel this service would be of benefit to you.